How New Celerio Achieves India’s Best Petrol Mileage

The all-new Suzuki Celerio was launched in India by Maruti Suzuki last month. This is the second generation model of the hatchback which comes as a replacement of 1st gen Celerio that debuted back in 2014.

The new Celerio benefits from a host of changes from its exterior styling to the interior & features, however it is its ARAI (Automotive Research Association of India) certified mileage of 26.68 km per liter that made the biggest headlines. In a time when global petrol prices are reaching record levels, this is a very key factor which could propel the sales of new Celerio.

According to CV Raman, Chief Technical Officer (Engineering) at Maruti Suzuki, a combination of factors helps the new Celerio extract a longer distance per liter of fuel. He said:

“There is the new K10 engine which has been improved to deliver this fuel efficiency. We have tried to reduce the frictional losses, we have tried to improve the combustion efficiency and the volumetric efficiency, reduced the other losses which are there. In order to do all this, various equipment have been put into this like dual-injector, VVT and integrated exhaust manifold, cooled EGR. The valve-train has been changed. So its entirely a new engine that has been put into the vehicle.”

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