Hyundai Elantra Rendered Imagining High-Riding, Slightly Rugged Wagon

The latest Hyundai Elantra blends affordability and style into a compelling, award-winning package. The folks at Kolesa in Russia are now rendering it as a rugged wagon with extra body cladding and a slightly lifted ride height.

Lifted wagons are an intriguing automotive niche by combining the utility of an estate and a little of the extra ground clearance from a crossover. It’s also a segment that Hyundai doesn’t yet compete in, which could make a vehicle like this imaginary version of the Elantra a good fit

Kolesa makes the front end of its Elantra mostly black, including the grille and inlets in the corners. There is matching fender cladding. Dark pieces cover portions of the lower side sills and wrap around to the lower rear bumper trim.

The ride height is a little higher than a standard Elantra, but the wagon certainly doesn’t look like it’s on stilts. For an owner living in an area where unplowed snow is a concern, this lift would be just enough to come in handy a few times a year.

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Rendering artists seem to enjoy turning the latest Elantra into a wagon. Earlier images showed one using the regular model as a starting point. Another creator used the sporty Elantra N as the basis for making a speedy estate.

The advantage for an automaker creating a product like this is that the development work is comparatively simpler than creating an entirely new vehicle. Instead, a lifted wagon if often more akin to making modifications to an existing offering.

There’s no sign of Hyundai actually building a wagon version of the current Elantra. Crossovers are still big business, and the brand has plenty of models to sell to consumers. There just aren’t enough people who would buy a long-roof Elantra instead of opting for the similarly sized Tucson. This is especially true with the lifted version, like in these renderings.

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