Hyundai Elantra Reviews

We are back with another master audit, and today we are checking on Hyundai Elantra. Hyundai Nishat dispatched its first shopper portion vehicle last year, Hyundai Tucson, a hybrid SUV. The vehicle got an extraordinary reaction from the shoppers; in any case, it couldn’t satisfy the stock need. A large portion of individuals imagined that the organization would not enter in car class any time soon. However, shockingly, Hyundai Nishat dispatched this C-Segment in March this year. This vehicle has the greatest motor in the car classification in Pakistan, which is 2000cc


On the off chance that you see its front, you notice two conspicuous provisions, first its headlights and second one is its person lines on cap. The vehicle has tetra LED headlights with exceptionally in vogue DRLs, expanding the excellence of its front look. The front grille is made with a mix of dark and chrome tone, while its blinker’s area is exceptionally non-regular, many individuals thought it is vehicle’s mist lights yet organization has not offered mist lights in this vehicle.

The lower cover style in the guard clarifies the plan reasoning and meaning of this vehicle.

Going to its side, the main thing you will see is its 16-inch Alloy Wheels; nonetheless, its plan and finish look dated. The vehicle has side markers in side view mirrors, while entryway handles are made of chrome. Something fascinating to be seen is its mud folds, which are extremely minimized with great plan. Furthermore, on the rooftop, you will see the Pakistan-popular Shark balance recieving wire.

The back look of this vehicle is more classy and cumbersome than its front, and it appears to be roused by Nissan Skyline 2003. The back lights are extremely stylish; nonetheless, the blinkers should’ve been made of LED. Besides, there is a coordinated back camera and secret trunk button in the Hyundai logo. The lower a piece of the back guard is made in piano dark tone with a diffuser, giving a stylish look to the back. You will discover reflectors on the lower guard. It feels that the vehicle’s trunk has a spoiler in a first look, however it isn’t the situation.

The vehicle has a brilliant trunk as it will open inside 3 seconds on the off potential for success that you have close to it with the key in your pocket. It has adequate trunk space with a combination spare haggle unit.


Elantra has a savvy section, and it will open consequently when you move near it. The passage/exit in the vehicle is entirely agreeable, and it is the first vehicle in quite a while classification which has a 10-way fueled driver seat with lumbar help. In the mean time, the section/exit in the back seat is likewise agreeable; notwithstanding, the headroom and leg space for a taller individual could be compromised. The back seats are truly alright with an armrest in the middle, which means four individuals on a long course and five individuals inside the city can go in this vehicle without any problem.

The vehicle has a push start, two-tone dashboard, and 3-shading inside, i.e., dim dark, beige, and piano dark. There is a silver lining bridging the inside. The dashboard’s look appears to be an age old, despite the fact that there is no missing component in it. Despite the fact that there is no calfskin seat except for it’s remunerated with an electric driving seat.

Dashboard Control Panel:

The control board has both customary and present day look and choices, which means you can handle it through touch or control catches at the base. One thing normal in Hyundai Tucson, KIA Sportage and Elantra is the style and text style of these catches.


It has Dual Zone Climate Control as front traveler and driver can set the temperature according to their decision. Notwithstanding, they can likewise adjust it for a similar temperature. The catches of the AC board are very non-customary. The presentation of AC is remarkable even in serious warmth of Pakistan, in any event, for the back seat travelers because of back AC vents.

The plan of AC vents is exceptionally offbeat, making it special from its rivals.

Directing and Speedometer:

The directing is adaptive and slant so you can change it according to your solace. On the off chance that you take a gander at the speedometer, you will see a checkered banner sort plan which is reached out to the dashboard and AC vents. The MID gives you all fundamental data, including fuel normal, driving mode, history in fuel normal, distance to end, and vehicle settings.

The controlling wheel has switches of sound control, call acknowledge/reject, voyage control and catch to control MID. On the right-hand side of the controlling, there are catches of footing control and meter light.

Infotainment Screen:

The effectiveness and network of the infotainment screen’s Bluetooth is brilliant as you can associate your cell phone without any problem. Moreover, the unit accompanies both Android and Apple CarPlay. Under the screen, you will discover remote charging, 12V charging opening, AUX and USB space.

There are cup holders and handbrake in the focal control center, albeit the handbrake is manual, which is a mood killer for some individuals who like present day innovation. Then, at that point comes the focal armrest, which is made of hard plastic and has extra room under it.

All encompassing Sunroof:

Hyundai has offered Panoramic Sunroof, which is an extraordinary element; notwithstanding, many individuals use it untrustworthily, i.e., remaining through the sunroof or permitting youngsters to do likewise, which is very perilous for everybody out and about.

Drive Experience:

The soundproofing of the vehicle is astounding; in any case, the tire commotion is very high and upsetting. It accompanies four driving modes, eco, brilliant, typical and sports. The brilliant mode peruses your driving propensities and changes the eco-friendliness as per it, while eco takes the vehicle in fuel-saving mode.

The inside city fuel normal of Elantra is around 10.5-11km/liter, while on long course it gives 16-17km/liter with AC. Also, on the off chance that you are light foot driver, the normal can increment by 1-2 kilometers.

The general drive experience is awesome with brilliant dependability and brake.


It has Dual Airbags, ABS, Immobilizer and no body roll on expressways, making it an exceptionally protected vehicle for you and your family. There is an optimal blend of solace and soundness in this vehicle as the reaction of its suspension is exceptionally smooth with great ground freedom on nearby streets.

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