Hyundai Signs First-Ever MOU to Launch an Air Taxi

Hyundai has been working on an air taxi service for a while and first unveiled its concept last November, with an initial flight scheduled for 2028. It has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the city of Miami that will allow the advanced air mobility (AAM) market to thrive in the metropolis.

The upcoming service will be offered by the Hyundai Group’s recently launched brand Supernal which will utilize a revolutionary electric aircraft capable of covering a mile in a minute. Although an air taxi service sounds like something from a science fiction film, Supernal is moving forward with the concept, stating that it has signed an agreement with the city of Miami to develop AAM in the region.

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This unique MOU allows the business to look into the possibility of providing locals with air-based transportation services.

Supernal CEO and President of Hyundai Motor Group, Jaiwon Shin, said,

We are honored to play a role in responsibly co-creating the future of mobility for the city of Miami. Because of the leadership demonstrated by Mayor Suarez, our work together will help establish the city of Miami as a model for AAM market development we hope to replicate in other cities. I’m excited to be taking this step in Miami’s history. I want Miami to be the epicenter of creativity and innovation and I want the future of transportation here. This MOU will pave the way for cities across the United States and the world to solve mobility issues for their constituents,

The MOU enables Supernal to engage with community organizations to identify insufficiencies in the current transportation service. It will also focus on integrating AAM as a solution to develop an innovative transportation system for the city after these gaps are identified.

The introduction of workforce development and education initiatives will benefit the citizens of Miami due to its agreement with the city. If Supernal wants to run a short-distance taxi service that goes through the skies, it will require a team of skilled intellectuals who be able to adapt to current Metrorail, Metrobus, and Metromover systems to upgrade them up to the standards of air taxis.

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