Hyundai to “Kill” the Sonata

South Korean automaker Hyundai has decided to “kill” the Sonata mid-sized sedan, putting an end to the nameplate which was first introduced in 1985, and has been the longest-running model in South Korea for over 37 years with over 9 million units sold during this period.

The current generation Sonata (DN8) has been suffering from sluggish sales so much that Hyundai already closed the Asan Plant line where the sedan was being made, while the Hyundai Grandeur which is built in the same plant is selling like hot cakes.Sonata embaressing

Embarrassing sales of Hyundai Sonata in its home market of South Korea

Inside Hyundai, the DN8 is admitted as a failed model, but it was reported earlier that the company had decided to skip a mid-cycle facelift in favor of a full model change (called DN9) that will arrive in 2023.Donata DN9

Speculative rendering of Sonata DN9, which might now arrive as a DN8 facelift

But now it has been learnt that that Hyundai has no plans to develop the next-generation Sonata. According to a Hyundai Motor official, “The development project for the DN9, the next-generation Sonata model, is no longer in progress”. DN9 is a codename for the vehicle where D stands for midsize car (D segment) and N represents sedan. 9 means the 9th generation model of Sonata.

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