Interesting – Honda CD 70 With 3 Wheels?

Honda CD70

We are here with a unique review, which is about a Honda CD 70 but with three wheels. Isn’t it interesting? as it makes it a unique machine.  The bike is a custom-made and prepared by Pak Bike Repairing workshop. So, without any further delay, let us share the details of this bike with you.

What is a Three-Wheel Bike? 

First thing first, the three-wheel bike has one wheel in front and two wheels at the rear. The workshop has removed the single tyre and replaced it with two, giving it a unique look and new riding experience.

The Parts of 3-Wheel Honda CD 70

First, you need two identical bike tyres, meaning they should be from the same company with same design. In next step, you will bolt them together so that they will work as a single unit. Then you will replace the original chain with Honda Pridor as it has more strength.

The Axles of this bike is also especially manufactured, along with hub. The Rear Sprocket is also taken from Pridor. Then comes the specially made Swing Arm (Chimta) , which is bigger and broader than the original one. And finally, the workshop has also design special Front Sprocket for the bike.

How to Assemble? 

The mechanic places the small Spacer under the Swing Arm on bike’s chain side, and pass its Center Axle from it. Meanwhile, the Big Spacer will be placed on bike’s silencer side under the Swing Arm and then Axle will be tightened with a Nut and Washer Bolt.

However, before tightening the Centre Axle, the mechanic completed the installation of rear wheel. First, the Rear Shocks were adjusted with Swing Arm and then adjust the Rear Sprocket.

Then comes the installation of Two Wheels, however, the mechanic set the Drum Rubbers on one side before this installation. Finally, the wheels be tightened like a normal wheel.

Advantages of Two Rear Wheels 

The first major advantage of this setting is that you can put a lot more weight on the bike. And this is very beneficial for the people who use bike for transporting heavy loads as this will resolve the problems of Wheel Balancing, Regular Punctures, and Broken Rear Alloys. Furthermore, this upgrade will be good for your engine performance as two rear wheels will put less pressure on the engine.

Last but not least, these wheels increase the Road Grip of the bike, reducing the chances of accident.


The major disadvantages are  significant decrease in Fuel Average due to increased road grip. Secondly, the bike’s Top Speed will also reduce at some extend.


If you purchase new equipment for this upgrade, then it will cost you around Rs10-12,000. However, if you own some of these parts, then the expense will be quite low.

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