Is the Perfect City SUV Finally Coming to Pakistan?

With KIA officially entering the Pakistani automotive market, the Korean auto giant has made quite the impression with its range of affordable yet top-quality offerings that rival the more established brands in Pakistan.Advertisement

This begs the question: What does KIA have next in store for us? We’ve recently spotted stylish-looking SUVs hidden under wrappings being test-driven across Karachi, Lahore, and Pakistan.

While the internet has been speculating we’ve come to the conclusion that these test drives being conducted are that of the brand new KIA Stonic – KIA’s B Class SUV.

The trend towards SUVs being mainstream in Pakistan’s major cities has recently shifted to new gear as buyers are opting for the more luxury and feature-packed options in the SUV category.

With younger people being increasingly financially independent and looking for ways to express their individuality through brands – the cars they choose to buy are an extension of their personalities. The KIA Stonic is poised to be that stand-out car if one is looking to stand out of the crowd!

The crossover SUV category known as B-SUVs internationally, are sub-compact crossover SUVs perfect for urban driving and conditions not different from that of the metropolises in Pakistan. One of the biggest reasons why crossovers and SUVs are growing as a popular trend in Europe and the U.S  is the versatility and cargo space it offers.

The shift towards practicality and comfort for commuters and families in urban areas that value spaciousness and comfort has made its way to the shores of Pakistan. The B-SUV is the next evolution in urban travel – and KIA is about to launch its version of the perfect automobile for the city!

The KIA Stonic seems like an ideal city-friendly SUV for the young, modern image-conscious urban traveler who values differentiation, luxury, comfort, and a smooth city driving experience on top of all.Advertisement

Though perfect for traveling in style within your city – the KIA Stonic is not averse to commuters that travel between cities and long distances. The KIA Stonic boasts amazing interior and cargo capacity for ease of use and maximum comfort during inter-city drives.

Is the KIA Stonic for you?

If making a statement is what you’re looking for then the KIA Stonic is an SUV that’ll turn heads while you’re driving down city streets. The facelifted KIA Stonic model sports the iconic KIA tiger-nosed front grille.

Black plastic cladding around bold wheel arches, side skirts, roof rails, 16” alloy wheels, and a lifted body makes up for a stylish and modern-looking compact SUV.

Key Features

Some of the features that have us excited about the new upcoming KIA Stonic are:

  • 1.4L MPI naturally aspirated engine that makes around 100 hp and 133 Nm torque with a 6-speed automatic transmission for great performance
  • 8” floating infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and six speakers
  • Top-of-the-line safety features
  • Vehicle stability management
  • Sunroof
  • The cool-looking headlights
  • Two-tone interior

We simply can’t wait to get our hands on the steering wheel of the new KIA Stonic. With the automobile industry and consumers alike taking the next step in adopting SUVs as the next evolution of the “city car” – the Stonic is set to take the spotlight and usher in a new age of affordable luxury driving to a new generation!

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