ISUZU Introduces D-Max V-Cross GT Edition With New Features and Speedy Delivery

Ghandhara Industries Limited presents a new edition of ISUZU D-Max every year and is introducing the new ISUZU D-Max V-Cross GT Edition this year to enhance the driving experience with improved safety, comfort, and functionality.

Climate control, cruise control, hill start assist, hill descent control, and other smart features are now included as standard in the ISUZU D-Max 4×4 V-Cross 3.0L, with luxury and innovation elevated to a whole new level.

New Features and Accessories

The GT Edition offers a variety of user-friendly components and gadgets for convenience. Its owners can get rid of wires and old-school lighter chargers as it will now offer built-in wireless charging that eliminates the need to carry charging wires on board.

D-Max’s doorsteps will be equipped with illuminating rocker plates that will enhance their appearance besides providing protection against scuff marks.

The rear will be adorned with a tailgate ornament and will include a metallic sling-up string for easy access to the truck bed. The hood of the truck will be easier to lift with the help of a hood lifter to access the engine or top-up fluids.

Besides the accessories that come standard in the V-Cross GT Edition, owners can also install the extra ones offered by the company, which include a cargo spoiler, a cargo extender, and a sports bar.

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