Javed Afridi Shows Off MG’s Local Plant in Action After New ‘Propaganda’

The resumption of under-invoicing investigation has sparked curiosity among car buyers and enthusiasts about MG’s fate in Pakistan. In response, Javed Afridi, through his social media activity, keeps on reassuring people that MG is here to stay.

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His most recent video clip shows men in MG uniforms working on Complete Knocked Down (CKD) units of the HS SUV. In the video, Afridi also interacts with a few workers, asking them about their native areas, perhaps to affirm through their responses that he has recorded this video in MG’s local assembly plant.

Earlier this week, Afridi shared a video clip of heavy machinery in action for developing MG’s dedicated electric vehicle (EV) assembly plant. Although the tweet does not specify the exact location, previous reports suggest that the company will build the plant in Raiwind, Lahore, with a local investment of Rs. 637 million, and foreign direct investment of Rs. 663 million.

The Public Accounts Committee (PAC) recently ordered the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) to re-investigate the company for the under-invoicing scandal. FBR had acquitted the company of all allegations after learning that they were false. However, the new regime insists that FBR investigate the matter again.

The company has also broken silence regarding the matter. A senior company official has said that “the MG import scam is total disinformation to tarnish officers’ image and target Chinese investment in Pakistan negatively.”

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