Jeep Gladiator Getting Half Door Option With Dual-Door Group: Report

After a years-long wait, Jeep Wrangler enthusiasts finally got factory-available half doors as an option at the beginning of 2021. The Dual-Door Group for the Wrangler provides both standard doors as well as the airy half doors, and now it appears future Jeep Gladiator owners will have the same option for the pickup truck. The Dual-Door Group for the Gladiator is available for Jeep dealers to order now, according to a report from Mopar Insiders. It’s offered through the Mopar Custom Shop and can be part of a typical new Gladiator order, featuring the standard doors installed with the half doors packaged inside the truck at delivery.

Swapping between the doors is said to be an easy process taking only minutes, and the half doors are compatible with features such as power mirrors and locks, as well as blind-spot detection. Two different sets of zippered upper window sections are offered, matching up with standard or premium soft-top options for the truck.

With the soft-top removed, the half doors offer an exceptional open-air experience but on the Gladiator, it comes at a steep cost. The Dual-Door Group with premium upper windows for the half-doors reportedly costs $4,995. The standard-quality upper windows tame the price a little bit, but it still dings your wallet to the tune of $4,590. That price could leave Gladiator owners looking to the aftermarket for cheaper alternatives, but such offerings won’t be available with a full factory warranty either.

Since the package goes through the Mopar Custom Shop, it’s not clear if Jeep will list it in the Gladiator’s online configurator. It’s not there as of this article posting on August 20, and with no press announcements regarding the package, we’ve contacted Jeep to confirm things. We will jump in with an update should new information arise, but with the doors already available for the current-generation Wrangler, offering them on the Gladiator is a no-brainer.

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