Kia Recalls Carnival and Several Other Models for Faulty Airbags in USA

Kia has recalled over 410,000 vehicles in the US, including the third-generation Carnival, for possibly faulty installation of airbags.

The issue surfaced in the second half of 2021 and prompted a detailed report by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) which highlighted a major design flaw in the airbag control units (ACUs) that would block the airbag’s deployment upon collision.

Among the recalled vehicles are 253,281 2017–2019 Soul units, 953 Soul EVs, 108,693 2017–2018 Forte/Picanto units, and 47,690 Sedona/Carnival units.

Kia Recalls in Pakistan
Kia Lucky Motors also issued a recall for Sportage SUVs from all over Pakistan in 2021 for a fire hazard that was due to faulty HECU fuse kits.

Until then, there had been several incidents of Sportage catching fire, as shown in many viral social media videos of vehicles engulfed in flames.

Coincidentally, Hyundai Tucson units also had the same issue and were recalled for replacements of the ABS module.

The third generation Carnival was also sold in Pakistan until 2021 and was replaced by the new model. It is likely that the old Carnival was also fitted with the same ACU that had caused deployment failure in the US model, and this warrants the attention of both the owners and the company.

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