Kia Suspends Bookings for FWD Variant of Sportage

The ongoing production and supply chain crisis around the world is starting to take a toll on the Pakistani car market as well. It has been confirmed by several media outlets that Kia Lucky Motors has also suspended the bookings for the Front Wheel Drive variant of the Sportage SUV.

The company has confirmed the news about the booking suspension but declined to disclose the reason or when the bookings will resume.

It is being speculated that the suspension is due to the shortage of the semiconductor microchip.

It is pertinent to note that car companies around the world such as Ford, Volkswagen, General Motors, and Toyota have all have decided to scale down the production of their vehicles in the midst of the shortage of raw materials, the semiconductor chip crisis, and overseas logistics issues.

Carmakers are also likely to increase the prices of their vehicles in the near future due to the ongoing increase in the production costs of vehicles.

Although the government is asking the carmakers to maintain the prices of their vehicles, the increase in the costs of materials and manufacturing seems inevitable, and the ongoing issues in the car industry such as delayed deliveries and own money are also likely to worsen.

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