Lexus Shows Off Electrified Sport: A Supercar with 700 KM Range 

Lexus has released new pictures of Electrified Sport a forthcoming LFA-inspired, all-electric supercar that is one of the seven electric vehicles (EVs) it unveiled last December.

While providing a clearer look at its EV sedan and SUV prototypes, the company did not share extensive technical information besides what was already revealed — that the commercial version will have a range of 700 km and will accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in the low two-second range.

It is still unclear when the finished product will be launched or if it will have solid-state batteries, the technology for which Toyota is already pursuing.

Electrified Sport’s Design

Meanwhile, supercar enthusiasts can only admire Electrified Sport’s distinctive design. It is a low-slung two-door coupe, similar to the LFA but with a profile that is more reflective of the GR Supra and a more accentuated cab rear.

A fierce-looking front end with the brand’s distinctive arrow-shaped daytime running lights (DRLs) bisect the two-element headlamps positioned within what seems to be air intakes at the sides of the bumper. A distinctive splitter and massive air ducts can be spotted further down, the latter of which appears to work with the vents on the bonnet that also have quick releases.

The cockpit has a twin bubble roof and a unique line that connects the air exits aft of the front wheels to small inlets above the rear haunches of the curved body. There is more aero trickery beneath some very high doors, with air channels leading to strips in front of the rear wheels.

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