Massive Car Auction Scam Exposed at Pakistan Customs

A major racket has been discovered in the auction of non-customs paid (NCP) vehicles at Pakistan Customs, which involves selling expensive vehicles at cheap prices by customs officials.

According to sources, investigations against the Quetta Collectorate of Customs are underway, and the details have been submitted to Muhammad Yaqoob, a senior grade 20 officer of Pakistan Customs.

Early investigation has revealed that customs officials are colluding with potential buyers to sell vehicles at low prices. Additionally, the national exchequer has been deprived of tens of millions on account of misappropriation.

Similar investigations are now likely to be conducted at the other customs offices in the country.

What Are NCP Cars?

Besides legal auctioning, NCP cars are illegally imported to Pakistan (without paying customs duty). They are brought into the country primarily via Afghanistan and Balochistan. Chaman is considered the most popular hub of all NCP vehicles.

NCP vehicles are either SUVs or luxury cars. As customs duty is not paid on them, they can be bought at very cheap rates. For instance, a Lexus 570 that legally costs Rs. 50 million can be bought in Chaman for just Rs. 7 million as an NCP.

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