MG Drops a Cryptic Teaser About HS PHEV Launch

There were growing speculations about the fate of MG HS PHEV in Pakistan since it was displayed here. They will soon be put to rest as the company is evidently ready to formally launch the car in the country.

MG Pakistan released a teaser last night, hinting at the arrival of the HS PHEV in Pakistan. Although the details were not explicit, there were subtle indicators that the vehicle being referred to is HS PHEV.

The first hint is the design of the driver’s display which resembles that of an HS. The second and most obvious hint is that the vehicle displayed in the driver’s display is unmistakably the HS.

Furthermore, the electric power reserve in place of the tachometer also indicates that the vehicle is either electric or a hybrid; and it is known that there are currently no all-electric HS SUVs in Pakistan, which is why the vehicle in question is sure to be a hybrid.

About the Vehicle

MG HS PHEV is a plugin hybrid that combines an internal combustion engine with electric power. HS PHEV features the familiar 1.5-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder engine that produces 256 hp, 370 Nm of torque when coupled with a 90 kW hybrid electric motor. This power is then sent to the front wheels via a 10-speed automatic transmission.

The vehicle also comes with a 16.6 kWh battery pack that has been fitted in the bottom-rear section of the SUV, allowing for better weight distribution, along with on-board charging capability at a flow rate of 3.7 kWh.

The company claims a 55 km/liter fuel average, although the figures are likely to vary in real life. The hybrid powerplant also propels the car for a relatively quick 0-100 kmph figure of just 7.1 seconds.

The vehicle is fitted with a host of modern features including various driver-aids such as adaptive cruise control, autonomous emergency braking, regenerative braking, lane departure warning, and collision warning, among other high-tech features that are a part of the MG pilot package.

Price and Booking

Recent reports suggest that MG has opened bookings for the HS PHEV. However, it appears to be targeted at high-end car buyers as the update suggests that it is priced at Rs. 7.89 million while its booking amount is Rs. 2.5 million.

Also, there are reportedly only a limited number of CBUs currently available for booking, and those booked from the current batch will be delivered to buyers by December, but the company is yet to confirm this.

Nonetheless, the current teaser suggests that HS PHEV will be available in Pakistan on a much larger scale, and perhaps at a revised price, given the ongoing wave of price hikes.

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