MG HS Exclusive Delivery to Start VERY SOON!


If you remember, we told you that MG Pakistan has introduced a new variant of the car named, MG HS Exclusive. Along with this announcement, the company also had increased the price from Rs5,449,000 to  Rs5,749,000. The reason behind the price increase was a few additional features in the new car. 

As per the company, there are three changes:

  • Digital Instrumental Panel
  • Digital Speedometer
  • Trophy Monogram

Furthermore, the reports suggested that the new vehicle also has a new Silver Exterior Colour and New Alloy Wheels design.

Latest Update on MG HS Exclusive

Now, the latest update is that the first consignment is reaching Pakistan. As per our sources, the consignment will reach Pakistan by end of this month. “The company will start deliveries after November 15th, 2021,” the sources said. So, a great news for the people who have booked the car as the wait is about to over.

However, our other sources have claimed that 300 units of MG HS Exclusive have already reached Karachi Port, while 400 more is reaching. “The company will clear those 700 units by end of this month,” the sources stated.

Again, a great news for the MG consumers, who have been waiting for their vehicle.

MG HS PHEV Booking Started

In other news, last month, MG Pakistan started the booking of MG HS PHEV (Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle). Limited number of CBU units were up for sale. As per the company, MG HS Plug-In Hybrid model was available at the price of Rs. 7.89 million. You can book it for Rs. 2.5 million with an expected delivery in December 2021. One CBU unit was up for display at MG Lounge, Packages Mall, Lahore. Here are exclusive pictures of the model on display. We hope that MG Pakistan will start recapturing the market, and claim its place among the consumers. 

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