MG is Unveiling Its All-Electric Marvel R SUV With 5G in Lahore

MG Motors Pakistan has finally announced that the all-electric Marvel R SUV will be unveiled at Packages Mall in Lahore very soon.

The SUV is from the batch of vehicles that were imported by the company a few months ago.

The CBU unit of Marvel R was brought to conduct trials and to test its practicality and performance capability on Pakistani roads, based on which the company will decide whether it should be launched locally or not.

The CBU unit has been built in accordance with other international markets, and the previously displayed MG 5 was also a left-hand drive (LHD) unit.

The company seems to be researching the market to figure out what the people would prefer to buy. MG had also displayed MG 5 previously at the same place and had asked visitors for feedback on the presented vehicles.

It was also revealed by ProPakistani earlier that MG Pakistan has hired an expert team of researchers from Nielson IQ in this regard, which shows how eager the company is to learn the demands of local customers.


Marvel R is the first mass-produced all-electric SUV equipped with the 5G technology that was produced in collaboration with Huawei. The vehicle can exchange data with its surroundings through a WLAN or cellular network and has advanced amenities, including various driver-assist features, a leather-trimmed interior, and numerous comfort features.

The SUV is offered in all-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive options. The rear-wheel-drive variant runs on two electric motors mounted on the rear axle producing 186 hp. While the all-wheel-drive variant has an additional electric motor placed on the front axle that assists in producing 302 hp of maximum power output.

The lithium-ion battery in both the Marvel R variants has an energy capacity of 70 kWh. Although there is a slight difference in their range. The all-wheel-drive variant has a range of 370 km while the rear-wheel-drive variant is capable of covering a distance of 402 km on a full charge.

Considering its high-end features, Marvel R is undoubtedly going to be priced higher than the rest of MG’s lineup, especially MG ZS-EV. However, there has been no final word from the company as its official launch date and price is still under wraps. Even so, it will be interesting to see how locals will react to the grand reveal that is just around the corner.

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