MG ZS EV Becomes Best Selling Electric Car In Australia


The Australian government is slowly phasing out petrol-powered vehicles. And so EVs (Electric Vehicles) are becoming a thing in the country. EV sales in Australia have gone up by almost 200% in 2021, and guess which EV is topping the charts? The MG ZS EV of China.

EV Sales in Australia

Australia’s Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries recently posted the car sales of 2021. As per the report, a total of 5,149 EVs were sold in 2021, out of which 1,388 were MG ZS EVs. That’s 27% (more than a quarter) of the overall sales.

However, industry experts believe that the Tesla Model 3 is the top-selling EV in Australia. But they can’t say for sure because Tesla does not provide its sales data to the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries. Out of all the other EV sales, the Chinese MG ZS EV has been officially declared the best-selling EV of Australia.

The best-selling EV is not only a non-Tesla, but also the cheapest one in the market. But what’s more surprising is that the second-best is entirely on the other side of the spectrum. It’s the most expensive EV in the Australian market, the Porsche Taycan.

Here are all the 2021 EVs sales from the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries report, from highest to lowest. See how MG ZS EV beat the best of the best EVs by a big margin. 

EV ModelSales in 2021
MG ZS1,388
Porsche Taycan531
Hyundai Kona505
Nissan Leaf367
Mercedes-Benz EQA367
Hyundai Ioniq339
Mercedes-Benz EQC298
Mini Electric291
Kia Nero217
Volvo XC40207
Hyundai Ioniq 5172
Audi e-tron108
BMW i367
Mazda MX-3063
BMW X362
Renault Kangoo45
Jaguar I-Pace44
Lexus UX43
BMW iX35

ZS EV is also the cheapest electric car in Pakistan. MG launched the compact crossover last year and sold a limited number of CBU (Completely Built-Up) units. Unlike its sibling, the MG HS, ZS EV is not a common sight in the country. So far, we haven’t seen many ZS EVs on the roads. But then again, EVs are not a strong pursuit of our local market. 

MG ZS EV’s highest sales in Australia show the real potential of the electric car, and that’s flattering for MG Pakistan.

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