Most Searched New & Used Cars in 2021

Most Searched Cars 2021

In the series of year ending articles, today we are going to discuss most searched new and used cars on According to numbers, there are some expected and some unexpected entrants in the list. Furthermore, the people have searched hatchbacks, sedans and crossover SUVs during the year 2021.

The unique thing about this year was the post COVID-19 situation which continued to hit the auto market hard around the globe. Despite the hardships, almost all companies showed good profits in this year which is a good sign for the local industry. Also, federal government, for the first time in history of Pakistan, reduced the taxes on car prices resulting in decrease of car rates. However, the fluctuation in US dollar price and other aspects caused another price hike last month.

So, without any further delay, here is the list of most searched cars in 2021.

Most Searched New Cars

First, we will share the list of most searched new cars in 2021.

1. Suzuki Alto 

The first one is not so surprising one. Suzuki Alto has remained the people favourite throughout this year. As per PAMA report, Pak Suzuki’s hatchback remained at the top in sales in this year. The number showed that there were 0.8 million searches for this car on This surely is a huge number for this car.

2. Changan Alsvin 

Changan Alsvin is among the most exciting additions in the subcompact sedan category. The car has been searched by the petrol heads for 0.7million times in this year. This shows the people have high interest in this newly-launched car.

3. Honda City 

The third one is another new launch, Honda City. The company launched its 6th generation in Pakistan in 2021 and before its launch, the car got immense response from the masses. As per the numbers, the car was searched around 0.65million times. The City has been a famous car in the local market for a very long time and it seems that people still love her.

4. Toyota Corolla  

Although Indus Motor has not launched the new model of Toyota Corolla in Pakistan, still it is among most loved cars. This car has been searched for almost 0.6million times in this year. This surely is a great number and one of the reasons is maybe a facelift (X Package) and launch of Special Edition of the car.

Toyota Corolla

 5. KIA Sportage 

And the final one is KIA Sportage, the crossover SUV which hit the local market like a storm. Since its launch, the vehicle has been people favorite and its presence on the roads is a clear sign of it. As per statistics the car got 0.5million searches during this year.

Most Searched Used Cars

Now, we will discuss the sessions of used cars in 2021. It is pertinent to mention that the PakWheels has separate pages for used cars and their models, hence, the following numbers are from all pages of these cars. 

1. Toyota Corolla

And now so surprising, Toyota Corolla is at the top because it is one of the most beloved car in Pakistan. Every time there is a news or update about the car, the people thronged to As per our numbers, the sedan got 2.6million sessions in 2021, which is astonishing.

2. Honda Civic 

The arch rival of Corolla, Honda Civic stands at second. This shows that despite the entrance of new companies, the people of Pakistan love these old players. The stats show that the Civic got 1.4million sessions during this year. So, the competition between two old rivals continue in the local market.

3. Honda City 

At the third, there is another fan favourite sedan, Honda City. Although the Honda Atlas has launched the new generation of the car this year, still people love the old model of the car. In 2021, the car got 9,60,000 sessions this year, which is a great number.

4. Suzuki Cultus

Then comes the first hatchback in this list, Suzuki Cultus. The car has been a famous one among the people of Pakistan. The numbers show that it got 750,000 sessions this year, which means it is still quite popular among the people of Pakistan.

5. Suzuki Alto 

Last but not least, it is Suzuki’s another hatchback, Suzuki Alto. The car got 652,000 sessions in the year 2021. Furthermore, this vehicle has remained at the top in sales of new units this year. The reason behind the popularity of this car is its fuel average, affordable spare parts, and resale.

Honourable Mention

The honorable mention is Pakistan’s “national car”, Suzuki Mehran aka Mehru. Although the car has been discontinued in 2019, still it is in high demand in used car section. As per the numbers, the car got 590,000 sessions in this year, meaning it stands at 6th position and it is still in demand despite the launch of new hatchbacks in the market.

So, the love of Pakistan with Mehran continues!!

Suzuki_Mehran under 5 lac

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