Mysterious Lamborghini Aventador Prototype Spied On The Move

Just when you thought Lamborghini was done with the Aventador we see this strange prototype. It appears that Lamborghini is testing out a new feature on the rear end of the Aventador. This new feature could be a host of new additions or even a data-gathering journey for a future Lamborghini model. At this point in time, it’s too early to tell, but we have some theories.

Youtuber, Varryx, was outside the Lamborghini factory in Sant’Agata Bolognese, Italy where he spotted this unique prototype out for road testing. Varryx is an accomplished car spy who has provided unique videos of prototype Italian supercars. This latest discovery is a little unexpected.

Here we have a blacked-out Lamborghini Aventador test mule that looks like a normal Lamborghini Aventador S upfront. Then as soon as the car drives by it’s clear there’s something very strange going on. The rear bodywork is partially removed showing the Aventador’s fire was and insulation. The Normal angular exhaust tip is removed as well. Then there are two blue pieces of body trim flanking the rear end.

Lamborghini may be testing out a new aero package for an Aventador upgrade package or even another new Aventador model. With the new Lamborghini Aventador set to debut in 2022, it would make more sense for this test mule to really be used for the upcoming model.

The Lamborghini Aventador successor is set to use a hybrid setup for its V12 engine to reduce emissions and increase performance. Maybe this test mule has the new hybrid setup on board and Lamborghini is completing on-road testing of their new powertrain. With this new model coming in 2022 we’re excited to see what the future of Lamborghini road cars holds.

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