New 2022 Subaru WRX Teaser Confirms Manual, Reveals Overall Design

The new Subaru WRX is coming soon. We’ve known that for some time, and in a new teaser video posted to social media, Subaru says as much. Actually, Subaru previously told us the dust would settle on August 19 at the New York Auto Show, but with the show canceled and the latest teaser simply saying coming soon, we’re guessing the wait is a bit longer.

Fortunately, the latest teaser offers a bit more substance to satisfy our WRX cravings. A new high-resolution photo (at the top of the article) still keeps a majority of the all-wheel-drive rally fighter shrouded in dust, though it’s very easy to see the conservative approach Subaru is taking. The low roofline doesn’t look considerably different from the current model, nor do the windows. The up-kink rear glass into the C-pillar is an identifying characteristic, but aside from that, it would be hard to distinguish the WRX in this teaser image as a new model.

The same can be said for the video, even with a majority of the new model unobscured by dust. The footage is admittedly from a distance so detail isn’t seen, save for one fleeting moment in the clip where the car passes just in front of the camera. Hit pause at the right moment and you get a complete look at the side, albeit motion-blurred. It’s enough to see the prominent vertical body lines behind the front fenders are gone, giving the new WRX a smooth side nearly devoid of character. If anything, we’d say Subaru is going full sleeper with its next-gen fun machine.

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