New 2022 Toyota Camry Look Getting Icy Reception

Several Toyota Camry grades are getting a fresh coat of paint, so to speak.

The 2022 Camry model year is bringing with it some updates and changes, including a color not seen before in many Camry daily drivers.

2022 Toyota Camry Ice Edge

2022 Toyota Camry SE Ice Edge color profile back end rear end

Ice Edge paint color will now be offered on 2022 Camry LE, SE and XSE. Last year, this Ice Edge shade was exclusive to Camry TRD.

Now, 2022 Camry TRD has Cavalry Blue available. Exclusive to only TRD grade.

I guess you could describe Ice Edge as a mixture of white with cement with silver. Maybe?

2022 Toyota Camry SE Ice Edge color profile front end Super White
2022 Camry SE Ice Edge vs Super White

This is a tough and bold color choice, and it should be popular due to its uniqueness.

I hope Camry fans in the market for a new car like this new appearance look.

Other 2022 Camry Changes

Digital dual temperature controls are now standard for LE and SE this 2022 Toyota Camry model year. I think of this as a small but important improvement. Now on road trips, both driver and passenger can be comfortable and still at the temperature each person wants.

Double score.

Also, look for a brand-new trim level for Toyota Camry.

SE Nightshade Hybrid is a choice you can make when aiming to combine sportiness with excellent fuel economy

It is listed with a factory MSRP (before delivery) of $29,615.

When will Toyota Camry be redesigned?

We are currently working with the eighth generation Toyota Camry, which was launched as a 2018 model. Camry recently received a minor styling, multimedia and safety upgrade for 2021 model year.

It is challenging to predict when we will see the ninth-gen Camry. Some logic would say the best-selling midsize sedan in America (for nearly two straight decades, by the way) should be redesigned for 2023 model year. That would make a five-year cycle.

I suppose time will tell soon enough.

Time for your Toyota Camry comments

Thanks for reading everyone.

Although this is not a year for a redesign or even a styling refresh, Camry does have some features and improvements to keep it competitive. The midsize sedan market is smaller than it used to be, but it is more important than ever to continue showing superiority.

Do you own a Toyota Camry, and if so, what year is it and how many miles do you have currently? Do you have any fond memories of your Camry along the way?

My second brand new car ever was back in 1996 and I bought a Camry LE, emerald green with beige interior. And it was a manual. I loved it.

I would also love to hear your Camry or other Toyota stories.

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