New Honda CG 125 is Here with “55 Changes”

Honda CG 125

Earlier in August 2021, Atlas Honda launched new model of Honda CD70 with “101 changes”. And now, the company is launching its new model of, Honda CG 125. there are changes in whole body of the bike. The changes are in front tyre, petrol tank, seat, rear seat, silencer, brake and gear box.

The Biggest Changes in Honda CG 125

As per the photos, there are two major changes are in Bearing, Radial Ball and Drum Gear Shift. As per the company, the new bearing has improved design, higher load bearing capacity and smooth operation. Meanwhile, the Drum Gear Shift also has a new design for smooth gear shifting.

Bearing Ball Honda CG 125

It is pertinent to mention that the old design of gear shift caused load on engine, more friction, and took more time to change the gear. Meanwhile, the new gear shift will change the gear smoother, low friction and less wear and tear. Hence, a good upgrade by the company as it will increase the efficiency of the bike.

When New Model Will be Available? 

As per our sources, the new model will start reaching at dealerships from next week. However, it is not confirmed. So, let us all just wait and watch.

Price of Honda CG 125

Our sources said that the company is not going to increase the price of this new model. It means that price of new bike will be Rs147,500. However, the prices of bikes have been increasing repeatedly since start of this year, so, we never know, when will be the next price hike.

We hope that there will be no new price hikes any time soon because it will further create uncertainty in the local market.

What do you think about the “55 changes” in new Honda CG125? Are you satisfied with these changes? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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