New Honda Civic Will be Delivered Nearly 1 Year Later: Report

Following the debut of the 11th generation Civic last month, Honda Atlas Cars Pakistan Limited (HACPL) has announced that its two higher-end variants will be delivered in February 2023.

According to Business Recorder, the 11-month delay applies to the 1.5L Civic Oriel that is priced at Rs. 5,399,000 and the 1.5L Civic RS that has a hefty price tag of Rs. 6,149,000. Meanwhile, the standard Civic model is scheduled to be delivered in August

A Honda dealership said,

We are telling our customers that the delivery time for the two high-end variants is February next year, but we are also informing them that there could be a price revision by then. We are taking bookings for approximately 20 percent down-payment.

The revelation is shocking because HACPL had launched the new Civic less than a month ago. Dealers warned that the lengthy delivery time might hamper sales due to the increasingly competitive market. It will also disappoint customers who could expect a significant price hike by then.

Regarding buyers who have received the new Honda Civic, the dealership revealed that “the few units (of the 11th Generation Civic) that have been delivered are the ones that were booked much earlier”.

Honda Atlas had previously discontinued its 2016 debutant, the 10th Generation Civic, in Pakistan. Dealers also indicated that buyers who had already booked the 10th generation Civic may be delivered a newer generation model.

Furthermore, the 1.5 PT and Aspire MT variants of the Honda City will be delivered in June, the City MT and Aspire Prosmatec variant in August, and City Prosmatec in July

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