New Lamborghini Countach Teased, Arriving Soon as a Hybrid

Lamborghini has affirmed the arrival of the popular Countach nameplate, and breaks recommend that it will be a select half breed model created in low numbers.

Lamborghini uncovered today that it will bring back the Countach name, and the mystery video and photograph show a wedge-formed supercar.

A photograph spilled on Instagram demonstrates the vehicle’s complete name to be Countach LPI 800-4, with LPI showing a half and half powertrain and the number proposing it will have almost 800 drive.

Lamborghini will take the wraps off the new Countach in the following a few days during Monterey Car Week.

50 years prior, Lamborghini took the covers off the principal model of the Countach. Presently, fifty years after the world originally saw the fundamentally styled LP500 model at the 1971 Geneva car expo, Lamborghini has declared the arrival of the unbelievable Countach nameplate, delivering a secret video today of the impending supercar. Remarkably, this reused name conflicts with Lamborghini show, as the organization regularly presents another moniker for each new model.

The video doesn’t uncover a lot—at a little more than 20 seconds in length, the secret shows a small child setting up a banner of the first Countach on his divider and inquires, “What do you see? Another picture fit to be held tight a divider or the resurrection of a fantasy?” The last given shows a white, wedge-molded vehicle somewhere out there as the storyteller declares the restoration of the Countach name.

Lamborghini additionally gave one mystery picture showing the new Countach under a sheet, and despite the fact that subtleties are vague, the exemplary Lamborghini wedge shape is pretty much as totally obvious. A spilled picture presented on Instagram, as spotted by Roadshow, demonstrates the complete name to be Countach LPI 800-4, suggesting that it will be a creation vehicle and not an idea. The LPI parcel recommends a half and half powertrain, with Lamborghini utilizing the “Longitudinale Posteriore Ibrido” assignment once before on the 2014 Asterion crossover idea. The 800 demonstrates 800 PS, or 789 strength, and the 4 methods it will have all-wheel drive. Inquisitively, the Sian, which utilized a supercapacitor mixture framework, did exclude the LPI addition, proposing that the Countach could have another half breed arrangement.

We anticipate that the Countach should be a restricted creation vehicle, with it being too early for a series-creation swap for the Aventador. The Ultimae last release of that model was as of late divulged. The new Countach will probably cost something like 1,000,000 dollars and will be uncovered inside the following not many days during Monterey Car Week.

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