New Lexus RZ 450e Images Offer Clearer Look At Profile And Rear

Lexus has a few new photos of the upcoming RZ 450e electric crossover as part of the brand’s announcement of its 2021 global sales. The EV has a full debut this spring.

The additional photos give us a better look at the side and rear of the RZ 450e. In profile, the vehicle has a striking similarity to the Toyota bZ4x and Subaru Solterra that share the same e-TNGA platform (see comparison below). The Lexus has a black C-pillar that makes the design look a little sleeker.Lexus RZ 450e SideLexus RZ 450e2023 Toyota bZ4x Red SideToyota bZ4x2023 Subaru Solterra Side ViewSubaru Solterra

At the back, the Lexus has completely different styling than the upcoming Toyota and Subaru electric crossovers. Rather than two prongs from the taillights wrapping around the side, the RZ 450e has a simple, elegant strip that comes to a point on the rear fenders. There is also an outlet in the fascia behind the tires.Lexus RZ 450e Rear AngleLexus RZ 450e2023 Toyota bZ4x Red Rear CornerToyota bZ4x2023 Subaru SolterraSubaru Solterra

Lexus previously only showed the front of the RZ 450e. It features a fresh take on the brand’s spindle grille that has an opening in the lower section and vertical inlets on each side. Sharp creases in the nose and a pointed shape for the headlights give the vehicle an aggressive face.

There are no interior images of the Lexus EV yet. The marque’s premium positioning likely means there would be better tech and nicer materials than the products from Toyota and Subaru.

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