Next Honda Passport Rendering Shows Macho Styling With Ridgeline Nose

When the new Honda Ridgeline was revealed last year, a report circulated that Honda is going for the macho styling for the unibody truck to get more share of the truck-loving American market. More importantly, the Japanese automaker was said to be sending the more aggressive design to the rest of the Honda range, particularly with its SUVs.

2022 Honda Passport Rendering

In case you’re wondering what that would look like on a Honda Passport, here’s an unofficial rendering. Of note, there have been sightings of the next version of the crossover that show the mentioned update.

Visually, the set of rendering above shows what a Ridgeline’s nose would look like when directly slapped on a Passport. As opposed to the truck, though, the Passport here gets smaller mesh on the grille for a softer, albeit still aggressive, aura that fits the family hauler.

The most obvious change, of course, is the squared-off shape of the grille – unlike the wing grille of the current version. The hood seems more upright as well, courtesy of the redesigned hood. The headlights largely remain the same, though the fog lights and bumper vent accents are lifted straight from the Ridgeline.

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