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Nissan Considering Nismo Truck And SUV For US Market

The tuner subbrand wants to expand its US products beyond sports cars.
Nismo, the in-house tuning and motorsport subbrand of Nissan, is apparently looking into bringing new products into the US, particularly for the pickup and crossover segments.

That confirmation came from Takao Katagiri, Nismo’s global CEO, who admitted that Nismo’s lineup expansion is currently focused on its home market in Japan. In an interview with Automotive News, Katagiri added that the company is “having lots of discussions” about offering more Nismo products for the US market, suiting the taste of American car buyers.

“When we look at the U.S. market and what our competitors are doing there, I think there is a possibility [for Nismo] in the crossover and truck segments going forward,” Katagiri said in the interview during the debut of the Nissan Note Aura Nismo.

Currently, the only Nismo offerings in the US are the Nissan GT-R Nismo and the 370Z Nismo. The latter is, of course, sold out at this point following the arrival of the new Nissan Z, which will inevitably give birth to a Nismo derivative. Nissan also offered the Juke Nismo and Sentra Nismo before. Those were just about the US Nismo lineup in the past decade.

With this confirmation from Katagiri, we can expect a Nismo version of the Frontier, as well as the automaker’s crossover offerings like the Rogue and Kicks, among others. We could also see a Nismo adaptation of the Armada, which would be the US version of the facelifted Nissan Patrol Nismo.

Then again, nothing’s confirmed at this point – at least with the specific vehicles that will get the Nismo treatment. Then again, Nissan fans should expect something exciting from the automaker in the years to come, including but not limited to, electric Nismo offerings such as the LEAF and the Ariya.

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