ON or OWN? Let’s Settle The Debate!

Car On Money Culture

Every time the words come up, people start debating if it’s ON Money or OWN Money. Nobody cares what it means or where it came from; all they care about is how it’s spelled. Since you all get so much worked up about the spellings, let’s settle the debate once and for all.

On money is the additional amount that buyers pay for the immediate delivery of cars. When you want to buy a new car from a dealership, you have two options: follow the right channel of booking your car and then waiting for months to get the delivery or pay an additional amount and get the car right away.

Most people confuse it for OWN because you are paying to get the car ownership. But that’s not really the case. The right words are ON MONEY because you are paying more money on the actual car price. Get it? 

Say ‘NO’ to ‘ON’!

Whether it’s ON or OWN, the whole thing is a scam and an illegal activity at the end of the day. Dealerships and investors, even independent sellers, are taking advantage of impatient buyers and making business out of it. 

The ON MONEY culture is destroying the Pakistani auto market, and we have to do something about it. Car prices are already over the top that buying a car has become a luxury that only the elite can afford. Having to pay on money or premium is completely out of the question.

It doesn’t really matter how we spell the words; what matters is what we do about it. If you are buying a car and the dealership asks you for on money, say ‘No’. You will have to wait for the delivery, but at least you won’t be guilty of promoting an immoral act. If anyone in your circle is buying a car and thinking of paying on money, convince them not to. Let’s play our part in putting an end to this blackmail. 

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