One-Off Austin Yellow Audi RS Q8 Owner Waited A Year To Take Delivery

Due to Audi’s positioning in the Volkswagen Group hierarchy, the RS Q8 is not allowed to fully go up against the Porsche Cayenne Turbo GT, let alone the Lamborghini Urus. That doesn’t make Ingolstadt’s flagship SUV any less desirable, especially if it has a lovely spec as it’s the case with this one-off version. It’s known as the “1 of 1 Qatar Edition” and we’re being told the owner had to wait a year to take delivery.

The unique RS Q8 was commissioned in a flashy Austin Yellow shade, a pricey Audi Exclusive paint complemented on the inside by an identical hue for the contrast stitching also part of the upgrades available through the Audi Exclusive catalog. Our friend Auditography spent some quality time with the special SUV in Doha, Qatar and learned it has several other extras.

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