Only 86 Units of Proton Sold in February 2022

Proton’s bad times in Pakistan continues as the automaker remains seated at the extreme bottom of domestic sales charts with just 86 units sold in February 2022, according to the data shared by

With its local partner Al-Haj Automotive, Proton launched the X70 back in December 2020 but is yet unable to deliver a single CKD unit while brazenly imposing a massive Rs 760,000 price increase on the customers who were patiently waiting to get the deliveries for over a year. The same thing happened in case of Saga sedan which was launched in April 2021 but deliveries were commenced towards the end of the year after a massive Rs 224,000 price increase, once again imposed to the already booked units.

Proton protest

There are strong nationwide protests being made by customers against Proton and its local partner Al-Haj automotive for exceptionally long delays in deliveries, and deceiving public into showing a lesser price tag at the time of launch and making substantial price increase before deliveries. Several customers have reportedly filed cases in various courts against Al-Haj & Proton.

Saga road

When launched, the Proton Saga with its relatively lower price tag and impressive list of features, was assumed to be making waves in the local market. However even after almost a year of presence in the market, the sedan is unable to make an impact and is suffering from very poor sales.

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