Pakistan Gets its First Lamborghini Urus SUV

A Lamborghini Urus 2020 SUV was recently imported by the company called ‘Cars’ in Karachi a few days ago, and is the first of its kind to arrive here. The arrival of this beauty has attracted a lot of attention among automotive enthusiasts and Lamborghini fans.

The Urus was cleared by Jumbo International Clearing Agency and was delivered by Jimi Tow’s towing and recovery service.

Several social media users and pages have posted videos of a blue Urus being off-loaded from a vehicle carriage, and a few other locals also saw the Urus on the streets of Karachi.

Engine and Performance

The twin-turbo V8 that powers the 2020 Urus produces 641 hp that works together with a permanent all-wheel-drive system, and an eight-speed automatic transmission to provide incredible acceleration.

It accelerates from 0 to 60 mph (96.5 km/h) in just 3.2 seconds and rips through the quarter-mile at 121 mph (194.7 km/h) in 11.4 seconds. Note that Lamborghini estimates its top speed at 190 mph (305.7 km/h).

Urus has adjustable ride height depending on its various drive modes, thanks to air springs installed at all four corners. Its standard carbon-ceramic brakes ensure that it stops as quickly as it accelerates, stopping from 70 mph (112.6 km/h) to a standstill in just 149 feet

The time when Pakistani YouTubers will rush to review the fastest SUV in Pakistan is also not too far away, considering the hype and level of excitement among local supercar enthusiasts.

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