Peugeot Recorded 5% Growth in 2021 Global Sales

Stellantis-owned Peugeot had a fantastic 2021 as it rebounded from the pandemic-stricken year 2020, which had forced many automakers into dire situations.

The French automaker was the second best-selling brand in Europe (724,823 units), just behind Volkswagen (1,274,137 units), and even outsold the global powerhouse Toyota (712,574 units), with its global sales increasing by five percent in the calendar year 2021.

It sold 1,214,851 units worldwide last year to attain a record market share in 37 countries since 2015, and its success has been attributed to its effective management of the semiconductor chip issue.

Peugeot sold 23.7 percent of its cars outside of Europe, including 109,876 units in the Middle East and Africa (20 percent more than in 2020), 83,429 in Latin America (52 percent more than in 2020), 11,289 in North America (17 percent more than in 2020), and a combined 28,637 in India, Asia, and the Pacific region (20 percent more than in 2020).

It also had 36 percent more sales in China (the world’s largest automobile market) than in 2020, with 37,815 cars sold last year.

The 208 hatchback and the 2008 crossover were some of Peugeot’s most successful models. With the sale of 270,700 units in 2021, the 208 was the second-most-popular hatchback after the Volkswagen Golf, with a 12 percent growth in global sales. The 2008 crossover was a significant commercial success, with sales jumping by 28 percent from the 2020 figures.

Peugeot recently entered the Pakistani market in collaboration with Lucky Motors. The locally-produced 2008 crossover is offered in two configurations: the base Active model costs Rs. 5.25 million and the top-of-the-line Allure model costs Rs. 5.85 million.

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