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Planned Ford Bronco Pickup Truck Is Reportedly Dead

It’s a bit strange to report on a rumored cancelation of a rumored project, but as we’ve all seen over the last year, the Ford Bronco plays by its own rules. This is basically what we have today, with Automotive News stating Ford’s plan to build a Bronco pickup truck is canceled.

Those plans were never official in the first place, but it was widely speculated that Ford had every intention to send the Bronco into battle against Jeep at all levels. That included the Gladiator, which obviously would’ve been the singular target for a bed-equipped Bronco. Now, it seems we’ll never know what Ford’s unconfirmed Bronco pickup vision would’ve been like.

We first heard rumors of a Bronco pickup back just over a year ago, in July 2020 to be exact. It was a credible rumor that pointed to a targeted release in 2024, and that rumor was later supported by official Ford design sketches that showed a Bronco truck. Of course, the original Bronco was available as a truck so history supported building a new one. In short, there wasn’t any reason to think Ford wouldn’t do it.

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