Proton to Increase Sales by Over 30% in 2022

Proton New Emblem

Proton had an eventful 2021, highlighted by its debut in Pakistan and the launch of a new SUV in Malaysia. However, despite being one of Malaysia’s top car manufacturers by sales volume, it is still trying to assimilate into overseas markets.

Proton’s CEO, Li Chunrong, stated in a recent social media post that it aims to sell up to 150,000 vehicles in 2022, an increment of 30 percent over the previous year’s sales.

Reports suggest that the automaker’s goal is to bank on new products such as the Proton X50 and the upcoming X90 SUV. The Saga is also expected to be upgraded for the 2022 model year.

The company will also pay close attention to the markets in Indonesia, Thailand, Egypt, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and other countries to ensure the growth of its lineup and overall sales volume.

Proton in Pakistan
The company was introduced to Pakistan in late 2021 with the launch of the X70 SUV, and it rolled out the Saga a few months later to compete in the volume-driven sedan market

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