Rad Lamborghini LM002 6X6 Rendering Is All About ’80s Excess

A Lamborghini LM002 in stock trim doesn’t need any help to stand out in a crowd. Before SUVs were all the craze, this chunky machine was part off-roader, part attention-getting supercar, and all awesome. From a 1980s perspective, it couldn’t be any more bonkers than it already was. But times have changed.

From a 2021 perspective, we now understand that even the craziest factory-stock 4WD machine can be crazier simply by adding two more wheels. That’s exactly what Abimele Design did to the LM002 in a new series of fictional renderings, and honestly, it forces us to ask this question: Why didn’t someone think of this sooner?

Actually, Abimele Design did think of it sooner, as this is the second interpretation of a 6×6 Lambo. The new series of renderings go beyond a mere Frankenstein creation, however. As a product of the 1980s, the LM002 didn’t have the futuristic looks of the Countach but it did command attention thanks to the same V12 under its hood. It was an indulgent combination that some would argue is a hallmark of the decade-of-excess, so of course a fictional 6×6 version should be presented in the most ’80s backdrop of all – Miami.

It’s even better than that, because these renderings depict the 6×6 Lamborghini in a neon-infused Miami. If gamers see a resemblance to Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, that’s not by accident. The fictional world of Vice City was based on Miami in the 1980s, and according to Abimelec Design’s Facebook post, that game was the inspiration for these artful renderings. A six-wheeled Rambo Lambo is shocking enough, but seeing it wrapped in such a 1980s ambiance somehow makes it complete.

Has anyone actually built a 6×6 LM002 in real life? With just 328 produced from 1986 through 1993, it’s highly unlikely. We’ve never seen one, but with these renderings making the rounds through the internet, who knows what kind of crazy seeds are now burrowed in the minds of LM002 owners.

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