Regal Prince Increased Glory, Pearl Car Prices

Regal Prince Car prices

Following other car companies, Regal Prince Pakistan has also increased its car prices. According to the company, the prices will be increased in two steps.

Step 1 Price is applicable with immediate effect from today any bookings/balance payments of already booked vehicle for those step-1 prices is applicable till November 30, 2021. It means any new partial booking by November 30, 2021 Step-1 price will be locked.

Step-2 price will be applicable for new bookings from December 1, 2021.

New Prices of Glory 

The current price of Glory 580 1.5T CVT is 4,229, 000 and in first step it will be increased by Rs155,000 taking it to Rs4,384,000. And after December 1, it will be increased again by Rs155,000 taking it to Rs4,539,000.

Meanwhile, the current price of Glory 580 1.8T CVT is Rs4,379,000, and till November 30th, it will also see an increase of Rs155,000 taking it to Rs4,534,000. And after second increase of Rs155,000 on December 1st, the price will reach at Rs4,689,000.

The third variant is Glory 580 Pro, and its current rate is Rs4,610,000. And after increase of first step jump of Rs155,000, it will be set at Rs4,765,000. After the second increase of Rs155,000, new price of this car will be Rs4,920,000.

In short the prices will be increased by Rs310,000 after December 1st, 2021.

Prince Pearl Revised Prices 

The car will see an increase of Rs188,000, taking its price to Rs1,299,000 from the current rate of Rs1,111,000.

These new prices will be implemented from November 12th, 2021.

It is pertinent to mention that the KIA Lucky Motors, Honda Atlas, Toyota Indus and Pak Suzuki have also increased their car prices. According to companies, the prices are hiked dur to high shipment charges, increasing cost of materials and rupee depreciation. These increases will surely hit the buying power of common man.

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