Revised Petroleum Prices for the Month of August

According to the nation’s practice, the public authority of Pakistan has amended the petrol costs twice this month. To begin with, we had a petroleum value climb of Rs. 1.71 per liter on the first of August. This time, the public authority has expanded Kerosene Oil and Light Diesel Oil (LDO) costs, without any progressions in the petroleum and diesel costs.

According to the warning, the public authority has expanded the Kerosene Oil cost by Rs. 0.81 and Light Diesel Oil cost by Rs. 1.10.

Old Prices

According to the old oil costs in Pakistan, petroleum was at Rs. 119.80 per liter, diesel, light diesel, lamp fuel oil were at Rs. 116.53, Rs. 84.67, and Rs. 87.49, separately.

New Prices

After the public authority expanded the oil costs, the new lamp oil cost has become Rs. 88.30, and the new light diesel oil cost is Rs. 85.77.

The costs of petroleum and fast diesel are something similar, Rs. 119.80 and Rs. 116.53, separately. The new costs are presently in actuality.

At last, an alleviation after four petroleum value climbs!

Before this modification, we have had four sequential petroleum value climbs. To begin with, the public authority expanded the petroleum cost by Rs. 2.13 per liter on June 16, then, at that point by Rs. 2 for each liter on June 30, then, at that point by Rs. 5.4 on July 15, and afterward by Rs. 1.71 on August 1.

This time, the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) had suggested an expansion in petroleum cost by Rs. 0.5, diesel cost by Rs. 2.5, lamp oil and light diesel oil costs by Rs. 1.0 each. In any case, the public authority has at last backed off of the general population, and kept the petroleum and diesel costs unaltered, while somewhat expanding the other two.

Along these lines, we would all be able to take a murmur of alleviation for the following 15 days and see what occurs after that. Will the following update in the oil costs bring uplifting news or make another effort on us?

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