Samsung Launches the World’s First 5G Modem for Cars

Cars are going to catch up to smartphones soon as Samsung has unveiled the world’s first 5G modem for cars. Thanks to this development, automobiles will now be able to enjoy download speeds of up to 5.1 Gbps.

This modem is called the Exynos Auto T5123 and it’s specifically designed for cars. This has been an obstacle over the past year as cars cannot use the same chips as other devices since there is a difference in durability and longevity requirements.

T5123 is not just a simple 5G modem as it also has a pair of Cortex A55 CPU cores that can provide satellite positioning data for navigation. It is a single chip that can work double duty, which simplifies its design.

The T5123 can easily be paired with the newly announced Exynos Auto V7 chipset, which can act as the brains of the system in an automobile. It can be combined with up to 32GB LPDDR4x RAM and Mali G76 GPU with 11 cores. Its CPU has eight Cortex-A76 CPU cores clocked at 1.5 GHz.

The chipset can support up to four displays so passengers in the rear can be served as well. The onboard NPU for AI tasks is capable of speech, face, and gesture recognition, which can easily be used for voice and gesture commands in cars.

There’s also support for up to 12 cameras which enables surround view and parking assistance.

Samsung has unveiled a third and last chip as well, which is a power management IC. It is designed to pair with the Auto V7 SoC and has built-in protections for under/over voltage, short circuits, over current, thermal shutdown, and more.

All of these chips are already in mass production and will power the next generation of vehicles.

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