Say Goodbye to the Lexus Badge Out Back

As Lexus enters a new chapter under its electrification strategy, the brand is making a couple of important changes. Brain Bolain, Lexus’ global head of marketing, said in an interview with MotorTrend during the Design Miami fair that all models will get the Lexus lettering spelled out across the rear instead of the brand’s badge, and added that the new infotainment system launched in the NX will be coming soon to all vehicles.

The Badge

Previewed by the 2022 Lexus NX, the Lexus badge on the rear of the brand’s vehicles will be replaced by the Lexus lettering spelled out across the tailgate or trunk across all models. The updated 2022 Lexus LX is the second model in the lineup to get this change, and that will continue to be replicated across the lineup, said Bolain.

“We need some way to signify that change is coming to Lexus, and this may seem like a dumb way, but it catches your eye,” said Bolain.

We’ve seen the Lexus badge delete across other concepts before, including the LF-30 and LF-Z Electrified, but the NX is the first production vehicle to carry the lettering.

The Multimedia System

Lexus and Toyota have invested millions of dollars to make a new, updated in-house infotainment system that’s easy to use. The touchscreen-based system uses Google Maps for navigation and can connect to Apple Music and Amazon Music, while also being compatible with wireless CarPlay and Android Auto. For many years Lexus adopted a frustrating joystick to control the infotainment screen, but that’s finally going away. And soon.

Bolain said Lexus isn’t waiting for a midcycle update, but will instead try to get it in the vehicles as fast as possible. “There’s a very quick window, something like 30 months or so, but we’re not waiting for major changes. We’re doing it fast,” he said.

The screen first debuted in a Lexus vehicle in the NX, and the soon-to-arrive LX will also have it. Although the IS doesn’t have the new infotainment, it recently adopted a touchscreen, making it easier than before.

The new multimedia is arriving with different screen sizes depending on the model—ranging from 8.0- to 14.0-inches, with a higher processing power, which is faster and more responsive. Over-the-air updates and cloud capability are also included in the new system.

Region-Specific Models Coming

Bolain also added that we’re going to see specific Lexus models around the world. Part of Koji Sato’s role as operating officer of Lexus—a job he took in January of this year—is to expand the portfolio of cars specific to some regions.

“One of our real pushes is the need to have more diversity of products and have more respect for the fact that some markets need some things that other markets don’t. As we move forward, there will be opportunities for us to satisfy North America, Europe, Asia independently as we spread our wings,” Bolain added.

Could we see a Lexus wagon in the future? Maybe. Europe is a struggling market for Lexus given the fierce competition of local luxury brands, so diversifying its products could be a good way to attract customers. Today, the only region-specific model Lexus has is the UX300e, an all-electric UX not sold in America.

We’ll have to wait a few years to see the first pages of Lexus’ new chapter, but we’re glad the brand is getting ready for the change.

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