Sindh Govt Announces Huge Relief on Registration of Electric Vehicles


In a bid to reduce environmental pollution and encourage the use of Electric Vehicles (EVs), the Sindh government has announced a reduction of over Rs. 900,000 in the registration fee for EVs.

According to a media report, the Sindh government has reduced the registration fee for electric vehicles from Rs. 1,080,000 to Rs. 106,000. The drastic reduction in the fee is intended to promote the registration of EVs in the province.

In his remarks on the development, Sindh Excise Minister, Mukesh Kumar Chawla, said that the reduction was made after the approval from the Sindh cabinet.

According to Mukesh Chawla, only 11 EVs have been registered in Sindh so far, while applications for registration of another 1,490 EVs have been submitted to the provincial excise department. He hoped that the relief in the registration fee would expedite the registration of EVs across Sindh.

While the federal and provincial governments are gradually encouraging the use of EVs across Pakistan to address environmental issues and for economic gains, the lack of EV charging infrastructure is a matter of concern for the owners and potential buyers.

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