SNL Sketch Shows Why It’s Important to Know How to Drive Stick

The cast of Saturday Night Live rarely ventures into the realm of car culture, but we always enjoy it when they do. This week’s episode, hosted by Kieran Culkin, featured a funny sketch involving a heist of a Lamborghini Diablo that goes wrong because the thief doesn’t know how to drive a manual transmission. Yet another reason to #SavetheManuals.

It starts off in a billionaire’s garage, where we can also see a Tesla Model S, a BMW i8, and an Aston Martin Vantage in addition to the black Diablo. The thief, played by Chris Redd, hops into the Lamborghini and is immediately derailed as soon as he sees the three pedals and the stick on the center console—a gated manual shifter, no less. (We have to admit we were a bit confused at how the thief was able to start the car without knowing anything about how to use a clutch, but we’ll let it slide.)

Hilarity ensues as his co-conspirators unsuccessfully attempt to explain how to use the gearbox over the walkie-talkie. We won’t spoil the entire sketch, but in the end the Diablo sadly doesn’t make it out of the garage intact.

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