Sony to Launch its First Electric SUV This Year

With the modern electric vehicles (EVs) gradually becoming smart devices on wheels, the actual smart device manufacturers are being drawn to compete in the global car industry. Sony made waves across the tech and car industries in 2020 by revealing their Vision S-01 EV concept sedan at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

At the time, Sony claimed that it had no intentions to produce and sell its electric sedan and that they only plan to offer autonomous driving solutions to other automotive marques. However, this year, the Japanese tech giant has embraced the hype and is planning to enter the market soon with the Vision S-02 crossover SUV concept.
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Sony Vision S-02 Crossover SUV
It is a compact all-electric seven-seater crossover SUV. It competes with both Tesla Model X and Model Y as it has seven seats yet it is the same size as the latter.

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