Suzuki Announces a Huge Increase in Bike Prices

Suzuki Bikes

Just hours after increasing the prices of all models of its cars, Pak Suzuki Motor Company (PSMC) has notified a huge increase in the prices for its motorcycle lineup.

This is the first price hike Suzuki has notified this year. The revised prices will take effect from today, 1 April, Friday. Yamaha and Honda have already notified the first price hikes for 2022.

Here are the updated prices of Suzuki’s entire bike lineup.

ModelNew Price (Rs.)Old Price (Rs.)Increase (Rs.)

While this is the first price hike of 2022, Suzuki had increased the prices of its bikes four times last year. From January to December 2021, Suzuki bike prices recorded an increase of up to Rs. 28,000.

The price hikes by bike manufacturers have put two-wheelers out of the reach of the majority of the public. Although several media outlets have repeatedly highlighted the issue, the government is yet to intervene and ensure the stability of prices.

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