Suzuki Lands in Hot Waters for Allegedly Cheating in Emissions Ratings

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Suzuki’s diesel engines are currently under investigation for possible foul play in their attempt to pass the European emissions test.

According to Reuters, prosecutors from Germany, Hungary, and Italy claim to have discovered tampering equipment in Suzuki’s diesel-powered cars that provide false emissions reading to comply with European standards.

Prosecutors have alleged that Suzuki’s diesel engine cars have much worse emissions in real-time than in a controlled environment.

According to details, the investigation will be carried out not only against Suzuki, but Stellantis and Marelli as well. That is because Suzuki sourced its diesel powertrains from Stellantis and some of its parts from Marelli.

As per Eurojust — a criminal justice cooperation agency that called Suzuki’s bluff — the investigation will attempt to verify Suzuki’s use of illegal defeat devices to provide false emissions readings. These devices were incorporated only in cars sold in Hungary.

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European emissions regulations are known for their strictness around the world. The authorities took action against Germany’s own Volkswagen Audi Group (VAG) which was caught cheating on the emissions tests. That resulted in stricter rules and regulations, to which Suzuki has become the latest victim.

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