Suzuki Teases a New Look for GD110 S

The motorcycle enthusiasts community has been abuzz as of late, following a teaser from the Pak Suzuki Motor Company (PSMC) that hints at a new look for one of their bikes. Although some debate seems to be going on as to which motorcycle it might be, the silhouette of the bike makes it clear that it is a GD110 S.Advertisement

As is the custom for all the new motorcycles in Pakistan, the new GD110 S will only feature some newly designed decal stickers and maybe a new color scheme, while the rest of the motorcycle would remain largely the same.

A Similar Trend

It is agreed by all motorcycle enthusiasts in Pakistan that, despite being an uncharted den of opportunity, the bike industry has once again become almost completely barren due to the manufacturers’ habit of not offering anything new or diverse in the market.

Furthermore, despite the existing motorcycles remaining largely the same, the companies continue to jack up the prices beyond reason. Two weeks ago, PSMC increased the prices of its bikes for the third time this year.

As has been stated by several outlets and individuals before, there is a need for a centralized policy of the motorcycle manufacturers across Pakistan that ensures accountability, quality assurance, and healthy competition within the industry.

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