Tesla Owners Start Hunger Strike in Norway Over Quality Issues

Tesla owners in Norway who are upset with poor quality have started a hunger strike in the hopes of bringing attention to a long list of alleged quality issues with their vehicles.

The dissatisfied Norwegian Tesla owners are attempting to make their grievances known to company founder and CEO Elon Musk. The group wrote on their website:

“We believe that if Elon Musk is made aware of our troubles, he will solve the situation. Please help us get his attention.”

The Tesla owners listed 29 issues with their Tesla vehicles. The complaints range from various operational issues, like the inability to start the car in cold weather and dysfunctional autopilot features, to manufacturing issues, like loose front seats and improperly installed decorative mouldings.

The Norwegian Tesla owners also included several customer service complaints, including long wait times to speak to a Tesla representative. The (extensive) list of complaints includes:

  • Car won’t start in cold or warm weather
  • Door handles won’t open in cold weather
  • Intense squeaking noise
  • “Bubbles” in seats
  • Loose front seat
  • Trunk lid filled with rain water
  • Autopilot does not work properly
  • Internet is slow and does not work as it ought to
  • The car creaks when you pass speed bumps and other bumps in the road
  • The lights do not work properly
  • Doors that open by themselves
  • Yellow edges around the display screens
  • Windows that do not close completely
  • Systems reset on their own
  • Problems charging
  • Rust problems on new cars (especially Model 3)
  • Poor paint quality means that the car has to be repainted
  • You were promised free charging throughout the car’s lifetime, but the new charging stations do not fit the car
  • Not all problems are solved when the car is serviced
  • You have to wait on the phone for a long time before Tesla answers

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