Tesla Recalls Nearly 500,000 Vehicles For Camera, Front Trunk Problems

Tesla issued recalls for issues affecting the Model 3 and Model S. The campaigns cover a total of 475,318 vehicles.

Model 3

The Tesla Model 3 recall affects 356,309 examples of the model, and these units have production dates from July 15, 2017, to September 30, 2020. The problem is that the wiring harness in the trunk includes a coaxial cable that handles the rearview camera video feed. Over time, opening and closing the trunk can cause wear to this cable and potentially damage it. This can result in a flickering or intermittent video feed from the camera.

Tesla Recalls Nearly 500,000 Vehicles For Camera, Front Trunk Problems

Tesla first became aware of this issue in June 2021 when its Field Quality team found a high consumption of trunk wiring harnesses from the company’s service division. This crew investigated the situation until December 10, 2021, and that research found 2,301 warranty claims and 601 field reports about this problem in the US. There’s no evidence of crashes, injuries, or deaths because of this fault.

To fix it, technicians at Tesla service centers will inspect the wiring. If there are no problems, the techs install a guide that prevents this problem from occurring in the future. If the cable is worn, then the vehicle gets a new trunk harness and the guide. Tesla plans to begin contacting affected owners about this on February 18, 2022.

Model S

The Tesla Model S recall covers 119,009 vehicles, and their production dates run from September 16, 2014, to December 23, 2020. The problem is that the secondary latch assembly for the front storage area (frunk) might be aligned too far rearward. The location might prevent it from latching.

If somehow the primary latch inadvertently releases and the secondary latch is not engaged, then the frunk could open and block the driver’s view out of the vehicle.

Tesla’s Field Quality team began looking into this issue in January 2021 while investigating a  case where the frunk on a 2018 Model S opened while the vehicle was driving. The group found that the secondary latch was misaligned with the striker. and began further researching the problem.

It took until December for the team to analyze the problem to find the root cause and identify the affected population of vehicles. The crew found four warranty claims and three field reports about this issue in the US during the investigation. There are no reports of crashes, injuries, or deaths from this issue.

Technicians at Tesla service centers will inspect the secondary frunk latch on this population of vehicles. If they find a Model S where the secondary frunk latch is misaligned with the striker, then techs would reassemble and reposition the pieces to have a proper alignment. Tesla plans to start notifying affected owners on February 18, 2022.

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