The TFL 2021 Ford Bronco Looks Absolutely Fantastic With Two Bestop Tops

At the very beginning of August, our friends at The Fast Lane posted a video of a 2021 Ford Bronco First Edition with a very infuriating hardtop. Not only does it rattle when you drive over the slightest of asphaltic imperfections, but the sponge-like thing on the driver’s side and the second-rate headliner that’s already peeling off are hard to stomach.

Although it’s based on the next-generation Ranger for the 2023 model year, bear in mind this Bronco is a $63,200 rig. The First Edition is the most expensive trim level of them all, and it’s also limited to just 7,000 units.

Rather than waiting for the Ford Motor Company to issue redesigned MIC hardtops (coming this fall), The Fast Lane decided to ring the Bestop Corporate Office in Louisville, Colorado for a higher-quality aftermarket solution.

Priced from $269.99 excluding shipping, the Bimini Top in the following video is a mesh fabric that allows you to open up the Bronco without harsh overhead sunlight. Bestop has also installed the TrekTop soft top for extra protection, which starts at $1,099.99 at the time of writing.

Available for both two- and four-door Broncos, these tops can be run in five ways: fully enclosed, Sunrider open, bikini style, mesh only, or fully open. As you can tell from the 10:30 timestamp, the Bimini and the TrekTop don’t rattle and don’t exhibit any faults whatsoever.

This, in turn, says a lot about Ford’s original design for the hardtop and the supplier, the Webasto company that makes the Sky One-Touch Power Top for the four-door JLU Jeep Wrangler.

The soft top is produced by the Haartz Corporation in Massachusetts, and it features a few problems of its own. These include premature wear that destroys the sides of the canvas top as well as rubbing on the roll bar.

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