These Are Five Best Selling Cars of February 2022

#5: Suzuki Wagon R

Wagon R, once again, broke into the top-five sellers in Pakistan. PSMC sold a remarkable 1,646 units of the Wagon R. These figures have landed the Wagon R among the best-selling vehicles in Pakistan for the 2nd consecutive time this year, making it a consistent top performer.

#4: Suzuki Cultus

Cultus has observed turbulent sales in Pakistan lately. The vehicle had fewer sales than the Corolla and the City for the past two months. In February 2022, PSMC sold 1,694 units of the Cultus, making it the fourth best-selling car of the month.ADVERTISEMENT

#3: Honda City

The new Honda City has evidently dethroned Toyota Yaris as the best-selling subcompact sedan in Pakistan. According to our sources, HACL sold 2,146 units of the City in February 2022, making it the second best-selling sedan in the country.

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